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Spirituality and maybe some other things I enjoy. Enjoy :) Oh also, I like to share my wire wraps on here, if you see one you like, it's probably for sale so hit me up :D
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“Leave everything undefined,
including yourself.
Befriend uncertainty.
Fall in love with mystery.
Kneel at the altar
of Not Knowing.
Give your questions
time to breathe.
And the answers
will find you.”

 Jeff Foster (via abiding-in-peace)

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Made this piece just for myself the other day. It features an Aquamarine Facet(my most favorite stone) as well as a stunning Citrine facet with smokey phantoms(birthstone) :) Alll mine suckas, finally have one of my own. <3
Added some demantoid garnet settings to this piece :D Super sleek and sexy ehh? This piece is available, it is double bailed and hangs vertical and horizontal <3
14k Gold FillSterling SilverAquamarine 
Available :) Message if you’re interested! <3

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Mars-1 ~ "The Nature of Time"